■ Original: Hatsune Miku

■ Music: Harry

■ Guitar: Naoki Harashima 

■ Piano: GOTS

■ Bass: Koji Kunitomo 

■ Drums: Satoshi Fukai 

■ Scenario: Quno 

■ Illustration: Haruka 

■ Movie: ty-oi

■ English subtitles: Amesubs

■ UST: umbrellaguns

■ Mix: Na-Nami

Been listening to Itou Kashitarou’s version then i went through looking if there’s PV version and found it, then there’s UST so i wanted to cover it. Firstly i tried with VCV but it doesnt fit since the bank itself more to high pitches so yeah-

lorreinegeralde asked: "Ren Ikune, are you afraid of ghosts? If you do, have you encountered a black-cloaked lady with white hair faded to ectoplasmic green, Kaiserine Sympherianne?"

Ren: No i don’t and i never encounter that kind of person.

【UTAU】Streaming Heart ストリーミングハート【Utaune Nami VCV Ver.2.0】 + VB DL 

■ Original: Hatsune Miku

■ Music: Deco*27

■ Original Video: ががめ (Gagame)

■ English sub: descentsubs ||

■ UST: EchoBlossom123

■ Illust & Mix: Na-Nami

■ Resampler: fresamp

Ahh i have no idea how to use the art for this video lmao, i drew it out and finish it without thinking how to use it and in the end i put original video in.

About time i release her new VCV, it sounds much better than the first one but really need a good tuning for it- Thank you to Misha for helping me recheck her oto! And also, feel free to edit the oto to your liking when you used it if it sounds better for you

Resampler that fits with the VB would be fresamp, vs4u and model4 with certain flag used.

■ Download the VB here:

Original: Kagamine Len


Lyrics: 5

Illust: Yosaku (穂斗水与作。)

Video: Not-116

English Sub: Amesub

UST: EchoBlossom123


Its already 3rd year for him ahhh. I actually almost forgot his anniversary lmao. I’ve been busy with few things. Also I decided to release his HAZE VB today. He sounds much nicer with vs4u and TIPS. But i really do recommend to use vs4u resampler on him with A30I50 flag but use which ever you think is nicer for him!

In this song I use model4 resampler. He sounds bit softer i think- but anyway Happy Anniversary Kuru!!

Utaune Kuru HAZE VB:

【UTAUカバー】Delusion Tax【Utaune Nami ASH】
Video by Kogami

【UTAU】Tengaku -天樂- 【Utaune Nami】
Video by 
Tasyrif The Lyntonite


Video by RyuSui Mizunaka

posted 2 months ago

Original: Kagamine Len

Music: Neru

Original video/characters: Sakurai

English Subtitle: Coleena Wu ||

UST: TA-3/たーさん

Mixing: Na-Nami

Illust: Namiey || Na-Nami


Thank you to Namiey for small collab for the art cover!

This VB was recorded accidentally lool i record in weird way but i like how it sound- using the same mic when i record for Nami’s ASH. So i decided with the HAZE name to fit with Nami’s 

Also using vs4u resampler for this VB. Not sure if i should distribute his VB

■ Original: Hatsune Miku

■ Music/Lyrics: bibuko

■ Original Video: Shidu

■ UST: nmasao1

■ Illust: Na-Nami||Arisa

■ Mix: Na-Nami

Mix this last year and the art cover also last. Thanks to Arisa for doing small collab with me! And thanks to Masao for the ust as well! I was thinking to make Nami ASH sing the song so i request them. I saw Poiyo cover but not really sure if the ust were distributed before. 

Sorry for the cover spam in this few days. I just wanted to upload whatever i’ve done with

■ Original: IA

■ Music: Out of Survice

■ Illust and Character || Video: Ichinose  Yukino || Scotch

■ English sub: Coleena Wu ||

■ UST: sm21919679

■ Illust & Mix: Na-Nami

Ahh i start finish the art last night, only needed colouring part and all. So there this 『Jigokugata Ningen Doubutsuen』 album/series. The song from this album so nice and its collaboration with Rerulili! 

Part of the series:

■ Volatile☆Zen Girl ft. Utaune Nami & Kajine Asuka: